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Environmental Formation

by @dmin, 4 March, 2016



Since 15 years different schools of our country has been participated to this program, its objective is take a participative roll in the personal development of human been, using the interaction with peers and awareness of actual and committed to the environment, promoting the spiritual strength individually and greater collective attachment to our environment and economically disadvantaged communities of our country but they are having to his credit distant cultural riches, cognitive and environmental, for our young city.


  • Encourage behavior patterns that favor the interaction of two youth groups from different cultures, in which there is mutual contribution of knowledge and experiences that will enrich their values.
  • Create interagency cooperation links between schools, in order to support the educational management in disadvantaged areas of the country.
  • Sow school students in the city the values ​​of cooperation and coexistence with young people from other cultures and races.
  • Encourage in young people the spirit of exploration and adventure as the main tool for the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Educate and train young people from two different communities (school in the city and educational institution Isla Fuerte) as inherent in the exploration, understanding and conservation of ecosystem.
  • Performed by the students of the school, workshops on different topics, and develop with students, with teachers and parents on the island during their stay in it.
  • Empowering young people in the basics of recreational free diving and scuba, which will be the basic for exploration of underwater ecosystems tools.


The project will deploy in two phases:

  • Phase one, in the City: Prepare students by combining theory and practice where the cultural, geographical and environmental issues of Isla Fuerte will be presented and the skills and knowledge of Scuba Diving course.
  • Phase two, in Isla Fuerte: A five days field trip to Isla Fuerte, where students from both institutions will meet to jointly develop activities that allow them to interact through workshops, games, and visits to different island ecosystems; After each activity there will be a discussion of the data obtained in observations.

    In these workshops the conditions of life in each ecosystem are compared and comments on how these ecosystems will be interacting to form a single system.

    As a general conclusion, and this is where lies our interest , we will talk about ecology with emphasis on the participation of the human being as an element that plays a key role in a much larger system : the planet.

    Upon project completion is expected that students of both institutions, besides having learned something about particular ecosystems, have a clearer picture of what the ecology idea and representing the man in the current environmental problem.



A trip day