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by @dmin, 28 April, 2015

At the Caribbean Colombian sea, ISLA FUERTE is located on the south of the Morrosquillo Gulf, 11 Km. away from the continent, in front of the Cordoba state coast.

ISLA FUERTE is part of the chain of islands made up of Rosario, San Bernardo and Tortuguilla islands and It´s inside at Rosario and San Bernardo Islands National Park protected area.

You may get there by taking a flight to Cartagena de Indias, nearest international airport, or to Monteria city in Cordoba state, on a local flight from Bogota or Medellin and then to the Paso Nuevo port in Cordoba State by car.

You may enjoy the marvelous Cordoba Sea and Plain landscape along the way.

At Paso Nuevo , 25-feet fiber glass boats, with two outboard motors each one and a full safety equipment, will be waiting for you to start an 11-kilometer tour that will take 30 minutes to Isla Fuerte.



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