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by @dmin, 4 March, 2016


During our last 20 years, we have walking hand by hand of native community and of their people who have been our work partners, searching for, step by step to achieve dreams of human, social and business development.

Our company Isla Fuerte S.A. has been and is involved by self or collectively with other entities or individuals resident in the Isle of projects and events to benefit the development of the island community, giving prevalence to educational, cultural and local entrepreneurship projects.

Among many highlights:

  • Health brigades in cooperation with the Colombian Air Patrol Medellín.
  • Annual Training and certification of a youth group of secondary school students of strong island in recreational Diving.
  • Annual training in various fields, from music to education, for teachers in the school of Isla Fuerte in cooperation with the German School in Medellin under the program “Environmental Education and Cultural Integration” which has been continuously developing continuously over the past 15 years.
  • Financial and logistical support in social projects such as paving streets of the town, communal dining room of the old school, power generation for it, library and laboratories for the institution, achieving new batch of secondary school, dance groups from the school and community.
  • Logistical support for the “Plan Padrino” and the “Bordadoras de sueños” which are undertaken at particular project by our partners.
  • Sponsorship of two young brothers of the population throughout their process of personal and academic training for over 15 years by providing shelter, food and education, making the conclusion of their higher education.

Continuous and together, our mission involves community development of this little paradise in the Colombian Caribbean and will be updating this section for your information.



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